A Bonus Gift for You!

Cyber Monday through this Wednesday, get a bonus gift when you purchase LCN Professional products. Keep the bonus gift for yourself (you deserve it!) or give it to someone special this holiday!


All statements without guarantee. All offers only as long as stocks last. Please allow up to 14 business days to deliver bonus item. There are no other discounts available. Offers can not be combined with offers outside of the website. All prices - excluding the bonus items - are net prices and are subject to tax. Only one bonus article per customer can be granted. The granting of free and bonus items is linked to the actual purchase or purchase value after the return of any returns and rebates. If purchaser requests a return on an order in which a bonus item is applied, then purchaser agrees to one of the following: 1) purchase the dollar equivalent of returned item; 2) forfeit bonus item (must be returned unopened and in original packaging); 3) pay LCN USA, Inc. the full price of the bonus item. Purchaser agrees to pay all return shipping fees of bonus item. If a bonus item is no longer available, an equivalent replacement item will be delivered. If the bonus item is damaged or not in working order, a request for replacement must be made within 15 days of purchasers receipt of bonus item. Our order and delivery conditions apply. Bonus items are not cumulative.