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The Black Diamond Manicure

The Black Diamond Manicure - 88496
The Black Diamond Manicure - 88496
The Black Diamond Manicure - 88496
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Now Available in French!

Diamonds will always be “a girl’s best friends.” With all of its beneficial features, an LCN Black Diamond Manicure will soon become your best friend too! Infused with real black diamonds, this flexible and strong resin makes it ideal for creating a thin natural overlay or sculpting a moderate length nail. The Black Diamond Manicure also serves as a great base to LCN's Recolution soak off gel polish, LCN color gels or LCN's professional grade nail polish.

The Black Diamond Manicure is a low maintenance system that offers up to 4 weeks of long-lasting durable beauty. The removal process is safe and does not require the use of acetone, making it the perfect solution for anyone wishing to avoid the use of chemicals that may irritate and dry skin. The Black Diamond Manicure creates an ideal natural nail appearance that will not yellow with time. The natural look allows for versatile style options including a beautiful french design, or glamorous designs using favorite LCN polish colors.

The LCN Black Diamond Manicure is available at fine salons and spas. Contact LCN USA for a salon near you. 

Q: Why should your salon offer the 
Black Diamond Manicure to clients?

A: SOG services have brought a whole new clientele into salons. Since artificial nails only represent about 5% of clients, SOG allows salons to attract the other 95% into salons for more services. Of those clients, though only a portion will have a satisfactory long term results with a SOG and the Black Diamond Manicure offers the solution for that entire segment of clients allowing salons to capture 100% of clients that walk through the door. 

Q: What is the difference between aBlack Diamond 
Manicure and a Soak Off Gel (SOG) service?

A: A SOG service is designed for a normal to strong natural nail to provide color for up to 14 days and then is removed with acetone and reapplied. A Black Diamond Manicure is the perfect alternative for clients who are looking for longer lasting results, need more strength and a SOG can provide and weak to normal natural nails do not respond well to the acetone removal process.

Q: How is the Bondique Black Diamond removed?
A: Bondique Black Diamond is a non-porous, solvent free, non-toxic, non-yellowing and biocompatible resin originating from the dental industry. There is no soaking required for the removal. It is a simple process of gentle filing to remove the overlay to almost the natural nail and then it naturally grows off.

Q: Should the C-curve be built to reinforce 
the stress point?

A: Because Bondique Black Diamond is flexible, yet extremely strong, there is no need for additional product. A thin layer of the product is suitable for an overlay. Bondique Black Diamond may be used to sculpt a short extension or to create a C-curve or arch on the nail that may need more reinforcing if desired.

Q: How far can the free-edge be extended with
 Bondique Black Diamond?

A: When a form is used to extend the natural nail a safe rule is no more than a third of the length of the natural nail.

Q: Can Bondique Black Diamond be applied over a tip?
A: Yes. After the proper prep, apply the tip as normal and blend the entire surface and remove any shine. Proceed with the step-by-step being mindful to reinforce the stress point.

Q: How thin should the Bondique Black Diamond
 overlay be?

A: The application should be approximately 1.5mm - 2mm before filing. 

Q: Can your salon offer a Permanent French Manicure?
A: The LCN line has a variety of French white options for creating a customized “French Manicure” or “Pink and White” nails.

Q: Can colour be applied to complete the
 Black Diamond Manicure?

A: With the Black Diamond Manicure colour options are endless. LCN’s One Coat Colour Gels, LCN’s Recolution soak off gel polish and LCN’s Nail Polishes are all possibilities for adding colour.

Black Diamond Manicure

Basecoat, 5ml
Bondique Black Diamond, 20ml
Ultra Shine, 5ml
Colour Gel, 5ml (20605-336 Ruby Red)
Super Shine Finish Cleaner, 100ml
Cleaner, 100ml
Protech Gel Brush
Instruction Manual

Black Diamond FRENCH Manicure

Basecoat, 5ml
Bondique Black Diamond Pastel, 20ml
Ultra Shine, 5ml
Colour Gel, 5ml (20605-EW Extra White)
Super Shine Finish Cleaner, 100ml
Cleaner, 100ml
Protech Gel Brush
Instruction Manual 

BONUS: Contains one table tent, one 8.5 x 11 wall poster, & Technical Guide.

The Black Diamond Manicure

  • Keeps nails healthy & strong
  • Allows you to use your favorite color
  • Creates a simple overlay with no dry time
  • Choose natural, French, color or glam look
  • Water resistant, non-staining & non-yellowing
  • Keeps them guessing if they’re real
The Black Diamond Client

  • Salon client who prefers low maintenance 
  • Wants change from soak-offs or acrylics
  • Wants a natural look with a natural feel
  • Wants additional strength with an option for length
  • Wants a damage-free nail