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Bonding Gel Vegan Power

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    The new Bonding Gel vegan power is a 100% vegan wonder product for sensitive nails. It has an anti-inflammatory effect and improves nail resilience and elasticity, prevents brittle nails and increases cell activity.

    Scope of application:

    target group: For customers who are prone to allergies, suffer from sensitive nails and want vegan organic products

    characteristics: The Bonding Gel is an effective and acid-free, light-curing adhesive gel in the bottle with a special care complex and fungicidal effect. Compatible with all LCN UV gels

    Application of "Bonding Gel, "vegan power ""

    1. With a gentle scrubbing motion, apply the bonding gel "VEGAN POWER" very thinly into the nail plate in the direction of growth.
    2. Cap the nail edge and cure (60 sec. LED light device).
    3. Follow with a LCN building gel of your choice.

    Active Ingredients:

    Q10, amino acids, collagen, Vitamins B, E, K2, plant collagen, fermented soy.