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Color Gel Set – 35 Years

Color Gel Set – 35 Years - 91807
Color Gel Set – 35 Years - 91807
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    We say thank you for 35 years of loyalty!

    Our hearts have been beating for LCN for 35 years! Started as a pioneer in the industry, the family company has developed into the leading provider of professional cosmetics and services. Over the years, not only has our range of products steadily developed, but also our LCN family. Together with you we have grown and become strong! It is all the better that now the second generation is already putting the same passion for innovation and product development into our work every day! What makes LCN a love brand are the people who are enthusiastic about the brand. With courage, creativity, perseverance, a pioneering spirit and lots of love, we will, with you, continue to enrich the cosmetics industry successfully for the next 35 years!

    LCN - My Beauty Partner

    Color Gel Set includes all six Jubilee 35 Year Anniversary Colors in a beautiful velvet bag.

    -757 "let's celebrate"
    -758 "birthday queen"
    -759 "cake pop"
    -760 "good vibes"
    -761 "party mode on"
    -762 "birthday bash"