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FiberTech Gel

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    Awarded by the Beauty Forum "Readers Choice Award 2017" in the UV hard gel category

    Toss fiberglass wraps aside! LCN FiberTech Gel features innovative bonding and sculpting with the latest in fiberglass technology. FiberTech Gel is a strong, very stable sculpting gel with excellent adhesion properties. FiberTech Gel combines the clarity of a gel with the strength of micro fiberglass particles to create an ultra strong building gel. The fiberglass particles lay perfectly flat after curing, so gel color or sealant goes right over the cured product. 

    The advantages at a glance:

    • 2in1 function (combines bonding and sculpting properties)
    • very high stability
    • extreme nail strengthening through highly transparent fiberglass particles
    • is very suitable as a sculpting gel
    • extreme lengths are easily achievable
    • enormously resistant to pressure
    • solvent free

    modeling property:

    • excellent flow behavior
    • easy to sculpt


    The FiberTech Gel is very easy to work with. The excellent flow behavior minimizes correcting and refilling after the first application. After application, the small, highly elastic fiberglass particles lie flat on the nail and form a smooth surface. The special formulation of this gel prevents lifting, breakage and chipping. The nail can also be easily pinched if necessary.


    • clear
    • milky pink
    • milky white
    • nude