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Frappe – Recolution Advanced

Frappe – Recolution Advanced - 21403-781
Frappe – Recolution Advanced - 21403-781
Item #: 21403-781
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    We Love Coffee - Limited Edition Trend

    Discover the "Coffee" trend colors in our Recolution Advanced System now.

    For many people, coffee is the elixir of life and stands for enjoyment and quality of life. We don't just love coffee as a drink. If we think of coffee, it will warm our hearts. The strong note of dark coffee beans, the creamy head of milk froth. One would like to bathe in it. At least now we can paint our nails with it.

    The 100% solvent-free soak-off color varnish system strengthens the natural nail. The high flexibility of the system as well as the extremely good adhesion properties to the nail plate minimize possible lifting and chipping. In addition to simple and easy processing, this sales guarantee offers intensive and lasting coverage in your studio.

    Even easier to apply, the new Recolution texture is like nail polish. Smooth paintwork, even better durability and faster removal are the results of the intensive overhaul.

    Size: 10ml

    Discover Recolution Advanced gel polish.

    The 100% solvent-free Soak-off color system Recolution Advanced provides strength to the natural nail. The high flexibility of the system and the extremely good adhesion properties to the nail plate minimize possible lifting and chipping. Simple and easy application.


    1. Prepare the nail plate (LCN Banana Buffer) and degrease (LCN Cleaner)
    2. Apply a thin layer of RECOLUTION Bond (or RECOLUTION 2in1 bond & seal) to the nail and cure (60 seconds in an LED lamp)
    3. Apply and cure a thin layer of a RECOLUTION ADVANCED color of your choice. Important: cap the free edge.
    4. Repeat step 3
    5. Seal and cure the nail with the RECOLUTION Sealer (or RECOLUTION 2in1 bond & seal). Important: cap the nail edge.
    6. Use a purzellin swab soaked with Super Shine Finish Cleaner from LCN to polish the nail surface vigorously until you hear a "squeak".

    Recolution Advanced is the No. 1 UV permanent color coating system in Europe's studios!

    Duration: up to 3 weeks
    Curing: LED: 60 seconds
    Removal: With solvent containing acetone (item no.: 91183 Loosener). The LCN Removal Tool can be consulted for help (item no .: 21285).
    Customer type: For customers with natural nails who want to have a permanent color coating. Particularly suitable for women who have little time for manicures or for special events such as weddings or long trips.

    The advantages of Recolution Advanced:

    • animal friendly
    • light application, nail polish-like consistency
    • shock and scratch resistant
    • ultra high color brilliance and high opacity
    • safe and biocompatible
    • perfect curing
    • extremely long durability
    • up to 3 weeks

    HYDROXYPROPYL methacrylates, Aliphatic polyester urethanes acrylates, Aliphatic urethane acrylate oligomer HEMA, ETHYL trimethylbenzoyl PHENYLPHOSPHINATE, SILICA Dimethyl Silylate, CI 77891, BIS (GLYCERYL DIMETHACRYLATE) pyromellitates, GLYCERYL DIMETHACRYLATE, BHT, CI 77492, QUATERNIZED AMMONIUM POLYMER, P-hydroxyanisole, CI 77491 , CI 77499