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Frosted Macha Tea – Nail Polish

Frosted Macha Tea – Nail Polish - 43179-739
Frosted Macha Tea – Nail Polish - 43179-739
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    Creamy, fruity, healthy and sooo delicious! We combine all of this with an ice-cold smoothie. Our spring colors are just as delicious. Delicate, pastel and ideally combinable with any day or evening outfit.

    I love my Smoothie colors: 

    -738 green tea frappuccino - sage green with blue undertone in cream finish 

    -739 frosted matcha tea - icy green in semi sheer iridescent shimmer

    -740 blueberry milkshake - more grayish with a blue undertone (sort of the color when you add a lot of milk to a blueberry smoothie) in cream finish 

    -741 raspberry whipped cream - solid pale pink in cream finish. The perfect bridal nail.

    -742 peach iced tea - light, milky peach in cream finish 

    -743 strawberry chai smoothie - light terracotta in cream finish

    Discover LCN Nail Polish

    The innovative high-tech formula of the LCN nail polishes ensures brilliant color results with ultra-glossy mirror reflections and impresses with quick drying, intensive coverage and a streak-free and even layer of paint.

    Apply thin layer of LCN Diamond Power, two thin layers of an LCN Nail Polish of your choice and then seal with the LCN Top Coat Flash Dry & Shine. How to get the perfect professional look!

    The advantages of LCN nail polishes:

    • 10 free *
    • breathable film (water and air permeable)
    • animal friendly
    • 100% vegan
    • ultra high gloss
    • Color formulation
    • safe and gentle to the nail
    • anti-yellow formula
    • streak-free and perfect coverage * toluene free, paraben free, formaldehyde free, camphor free, dbp free, perfume ingredients free, formaldehyde releaser free, glycol ether of series free, dphp free, triphenylphosphate free