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Glaze Gel Black Diamond

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    Black Diamonds are your nails' best friend
    The unification of power and luxury - is the perfect symbiosis for your nails. Black Diamonds combines the fortifying features of Bondique, as well as the capabilities of the hardest and most luxurious gem of the world, the diamond. This exclusive combination of the LCN bestsellers with pure diamond dust guarantees an optimal processing. Be persuaded by its magic effect!
    Important facts worth knowing about diamonds:
    • Etymologically the word diamond stems from the Greek word - diaphainein - as in transparent and from adamantos - the invincible. 
    • Its development process starts 300 km under the surface of our planet.
    • Temperatures of at least 1,500C and pressures of 67 kbar almost 67.000 times the normal air pressure are necessary to stimulate carbon atoms to crystallize in this most sophisticated form. 
    • On the scale of relative scratch hardness, the Mohs hardness, it reaches the value of 10 and is thus the hardest natural mineral there is. 
    • The hardness of a diamond varies among its various individual crystal surfaces. Black diamonds are created by a complete absorbtion of light as a consequence of innumerable dark inclusions, generally graphite
    Glaze Gel Black Diamond, 10 mlHigh-gloss modellage finish, refined by its diamond dust particles magically conveys an exclusive shine and silky shimmer to your nails. Black Diamond Glaze Gel also persuades with its somewhat thick consistency. This is how the gel is prevented from running into the nail fold. For optimal processing.
    The advantages at a glance:
    • no running into the nail fold - great for beginners!
    • silky shimmer due to diamond dust
    • compatible with all LCN resins