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Quick Color Base Gel

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    Love your color gels but wish you didn't have to sculpt nails to use them? Now you can! With the new Quick Colour Base from LCN – you no longer need to sculpt nails to use your beautiful, long-lasting color gels! And the application is as thin as gel polish!

    This solvent-resistant, self-balancing base coat offers the perfect foundation for LCN Colour Gels (or your other brand color gels). In addition the keratin is added to help strengthen natural nails and nourish stressed nail plates.


    • Saves time and product material
    • Easy application
    • A perfectly smooth base for a permanent color application
    • Flexible but at the same time break resistant
    • Universal to any color gel system


    Apply a thin layer of the LCN Quick Colour Base onto prepared natural nails and cure (1 minute in LED and 2 minutes in uv light). Important: cover the free edge. Apply a second thin layer and cure (cover also the free edge). Wipe the dispersion layer with a dry cotton swab. Slightly buff surface if necessary (in case of slight unevenness). Now apply any LCN Colour Gel as usual and seal. Clean the surface with the LCN Super Shine Finish Cleaner (Art.-No.: 64135).

    For a refill just gently remove the colour gel with a 180 grit file and reshape nails. Do not remove LCN Quick Colour Base Gel completely. Now apply LCN Quick Colour Base onto the prepared and matted growth line. Continue with the LCN Colour Gel either the same way as the full set. In case of a colour change remove the colour gel with a 180 grit file right down to the LCN Quick Colour Base. Now apply a layer of LCN Quick Colour Base as well as a new LCN Colour Gel.