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Spa Hydro & Balance

Water is the most important element in the world - it is a cross cultural symbol of vitality, purity and renewal. The human body is made up of more than 70% water. The sustained storage of moisture in the body is the cornerstone of all LCN SPA Spirit of Water products and is used in combination with high-quality, nourishing ingredients.  Along with well-known active ingredients in the LCN SPA line, the main active ingredients in the LCN SPA Hydro & Balance products are based on an extract complex from the resurrection plant and an anti-photo-ageing active ingredient from the mayten tree (DN-AGE), as well as an extract from the root of the imperata cylindrica plant.  This combination of active ingredients protects the skin from extreme climatic conditions.  It provides protection from dehydration as well as from heat and cold, and also moisturizes the skin.  In addition, the combination of active ingredients used provide protection from oxidative stress, light ageing, as well as the forming of moles and wrinkles. 


SPA Hydro & Balance Hand & Body Bath, 24pcs
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