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Shine - WOW Hybrid Gel Polish

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    Gentle colors that soothe the soul and let your inner self radiate a calm yet confident expression of freedom, peace and hope. These relaxed milky shades are just what we need in this world right no. No glitz or glimmer, just subtle boosts of color to let your inner beauty shine. The SHINE Spring Collection is available in LCN’s vegan formula for Nail Polish, WOW Hybrid Gel Polish, Color Gel and Recolution Advanced Gel Polish.

    -763 "shine" a soothing nougat creme
    -764 "comfort zone" an earthy terra-cotta creme
    -765 "self-love" a calming pale yellow creme
    -766 "ego boost" a milky pink creme
    -767 "true me" a pale but cheery lavender creme
    -768 "me, myself and I" a soft minty blue creme

    Size: 8ml

    Discover WOW Hybrid Gel Polish from LCN. This system offers intensely bright colors and has a balancing plumping texture that compensates for irregularities and grooves and ensures a long-lasting color.

    How to Use "WOW Hybrid Gel Polish" Smoothie "

    • Remove existing nail polish and gently clean your hands with soap and water.
    • Then dry thoroughly and degrease the nail plate with Nail Polish Primer.
    • You do not need a base coat, because this is included in the color lacquer. Simply apply your favorite color and let it dry two minutes. Apply another thin layer to achieve the best result.
    • Seal the manicure with the WOW Hybrid Gel Top Coat. This ensures an ultra-glossy result and extends the durability of the color.

    The WOW Hybrid Gel Polish is gently and quickly removed with acetone-free nail polish remover.

    Our insider tip: applied every second day, the WOW Hybrid Gel Polish Top Coat provides an extra long-lasting and perfectly shiny finish.


    • removes without acetone
    • fast drying time
    • NO UV or LED light required
    • up to 10 days of perfectly painted nails
    • Base coat and color in one
    • UV light technology that reacts with daylight
    • gel-like texture
    • ultimate shine
    • optimal coverage
    • simple and quick application