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SPA Goa Hand & Body Bath

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    SPA GOA Hand & Body Bath contains a complex of hibiscus milk, moringa, cacao and coffee-extract. Additional Allantion, Panthenol and Glycerin soothe rough, dry skin and prevent skin irritations. Ideal at home or in the treatment room. Available in 300ml sizes.

    The active ingredients of the SPA Goa line feature anti-aging, moisturizing, tightening,detoxifying and nourishing properties with the following:

    Moringa: Moringa contains more Vitamin A, B, C and E as well as minerals, proteins and amino acids as other vegetables or fruits. The seed oil contained in the Moringa plant stores moisture and turns skin silky soft. Additional anti oxidants protect against premature skin ageing.

    Hibiscus milk: Produced from hibiscus seeds, this plant based and moisturizing milk consists of high-molecular proteins. Skin tightening as well as skin moisture optimizing effects are attributed to hibiscus milk.

    Cacao: Originated from the extraction out of cacao beans, this essence contains stimulating substances like Theobromin and caffeine. Cacao is considered a “Love-Ingredient” as it
    is said that it triggers feelings of happiness. Cacao-Extract leaves an invigorating and strengthening effect on the skin.

    Coffee: The main ingredient is caffeine. Caffeine improves blood circulation, stimulates the body’s own metabolism and supports the skin with its natural defense against UVB-rays. In addition caffeine tightens the skin’s texture and provides a beautiful and even skin.


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