Loyalty Points Terms of Service and FAQ

How does the loyalty program work?
All customers with an online account are automatically enrolled in our online loyalty program. It's really simple: you earn one point for every dollar spent. Once you reach one hundred points, you can redeem them for product credit. See example below.
100 pts --> $5 
500 pts - $25
1000 pts --> $50

Can I redeem my points for cash?
No. Points have no monetary value and can only be used toward the purchase of LCN products and services.

Is there a way to earn more than 1 point per dollar?
Yes! Make sure you sign up for the LCN newsletter and email marketing and add info@lcnusa.com to your spam filter. We periodically run specials where you can earn more points and purchase items which give you bonus points.

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How do I use my points?
Add items to your cart. When finished selecting items go to Checkout. Under section "5. Payment Information" select from the drop down "Select Payment Type" "Reward Points". The available points you have will be shown next to "Available Points". Enter the amount of points you want to use then press "Apply". You can choose to use all or partial points towards your purchase.

Do points expire?
Points expire six(6) months from the date they are earned. Click on the "my account" tab to track your points.

Do points count on Clearance items?
No. Points are only available on regularly priced items.

Are points transferrable?
No. All points are assigned to the customer account which earned them.

Can I use points to pay for shipping?
No. But remember, all orders over $150 get free shipping!

Can I pay with credit card & points? 
Yes. You may use pay with points and your credit card. But, you will only earn points on total dollars spent less Loyalty Rewards points.
Total Purchase - $75
Rewards Dollars - $25
Total Points Earned - 50 ($75 - $25 = $50) 

Can I use or earn Loyalty Rewards points offline?
No, the rewards program is only available online. Only purchases made through the website are eligible to earn Loyalty Rewards points.

When are my Loyalty Rewards points available?
Your points are available 24hrs after your order has shipped.