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In addtion to our detailed Treatment Rituals, we have several step by steps that cover everything from our classic resin system to fun and funky nail art! Please note that each step by step can be printed or downloaded as an easy to read PDF by clicking the respective links in the top right of each page.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Classic LCN French

LCN Glass Gel

Easy on French Tips

Refill - Light Curing Resin

LCN Camouflage Gels

Colour Gel - Glitter Nail Art Design

Colour Gel - 3D Design - Stiletto Nails

Colour Gel - 3D Design - 3D Filigree Nail Design

LCN Ultima Acrylics


Nail Art Fun

LCN Colour Gel Citrus Delight

LCN Colour Gel Hearts

LCN Colour Gel Design

LCN Colour Gel w/ Fabric Inlay

LCN Colour Gel Pink Flower Design

LCN Camouflage Gels Design

LCN Colour Gel Reindeer

LCN Glaze Gel Design

LCN Acrylic and Gel Nail Art

LCN Glass Gel Design

Nail Art - Nail Polish

Nail Art - Nail Polish 2

LCN Nail Art Paint