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Red Wine Leaf Footbath

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    Moisturizing foot bath. Relieving and draining with chestnut, birch tree and red grape leaf. Red wine leaf, conker and birch extracts clean the skin and prepares it gently for treatment. The blood circulation is stimulated and the skin's surface is calmed.
    HORSE CHESTNUT SEED EXTRACT, the most common form of horse chestnut extract, contains a high percentage of aescin, the active ingredient. Sometimes known as escin, this chemical found in horse chestnut is known for its anti-inflammatory effects. Horse chestnut seed extract has beneficial effects on vein health and is approved for the treatment of chronic venous insufficiency in Germany. The use of this extract is also growing in the United States and Canada. Increased interest in this herb has resulted in clinical studies that support the use of horse chestnut for improving conditions of poor leg circulation, according to the University of Texas. Horse chestnut has anti-inflammatory, anti-edemic and vasoconstrictor actions in the body, according to the University of Texas at El Paso. The enzymes elastase and hyaluronidase are reduced in the presence of horse chestnut. This results in decreased permeability of the capillaries. Additionally, venous tone and flow are improved.

    WHITE BIRCH EXTRACT has naturally cooling, healing, detoxifying, and anti-aging properties. It also is known for its astringent properties.



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