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3D Colour Gel Forms

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    Reusable 3D Nail Art Nail Reusable 3D Nail Art Nail forms for fantastic designs. Available in the motifs: -1 rose, -2 teddy bear, -3 flower power, -4 butterflies, -5 seashells, -6 hearts, -7 stars, -8 snowflakes

    Here is how it works
    : You can use the 3D forms and the LCN Colour Gel - 3D Design quickly and easily to create customized artwork. Fill the deisred mold color gel fill and cure for about 30 seconds in the light unit (in which case the subject is still flexible enough to fit the nail shape, or you can cure the subject to process and completely), Remove the design from the form and use some sealing gel to affix the design. Cure the entire nail in the light unit for 2 minutes.