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    Whether you just want great looking nail art designs or missing toe nails restored, partially or completely, LCN has the answer.

    LCN Barefoot is a gel system designed specifically for toenails. It is an extremely elastic UV/LED gel, which adapts to the movements of the toe. Its unique adhesive properties mean that good results can even be achieved on calloused layers of skin where there is no toe nail.

    LCN Barefoot is effective on scaly nail surfaces, for correcting ridges and deformations, for hiding discoloration and for protecting growing toe nails.

    Because the gel is non-porous, color in the form of polish, gel polish or color gel may be applied to the finished product.

    Who would want a gel toenail treatment?
    • People who like to show off their toes! who like a permanent polish finish, french finish or nail art designs.
    • Clients requiring toe nail correction or a false nail for protection because of trauma or surgery.
    • Those requiring relief from discomfort while wearing foot wear, either by having a protective covering over a corrective brace for an in-growing toe nail or over areas that are especially sensitive due to chronic conditions.

    Available in a variety of natural shades, Barefoot can be used to match any nail type and provide coverage for even the most unsightly nails. Available in four shades: clear, pink, opak, or pastel; and a camouflage: cool pink, LCN Barefoot can be used to match any nail type and provide coverage for even the most unsightly nails.

    *Note: Barefoot is not intended for medical use nor to treat, prevent, or cure mycotic or fungal nails. Barefoot, like all cosmetic products, should not be applied to mycotic or fungal nails.