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Treasure Island - Colour Gel Glitter

Treasure Island - Colour Gel Glitter - 20615-35
Treasure Island - Colour Gel Glitter - 20615-35
Treasure Island - Colour Gel Glitter - 20615-35
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    The biggest sparkle yet! These amazing glitter color gels will have nails shining bright like diamonds! Check out all of the brand new and scorching hot glitter color gels:

    • -33 Laguna Bay
    • -34 St. Barth
    • -35 Treasure Island
    • -36 Cape of Good Hope


    1. Always use the LCN Color Gels on a cosmetic nail. Apply a first thin layer of the color gel of your choice onto the dust-free, dry and matted modelled nail.
    2. Best results are achieved with the LCN Protech brush, whose fine hair allows a particularly even and thin application. This makes the nails look "painted" and your modeling looks natural and thin.
    3. Harden the color gel (60 seconds in the LED light or 2 minutes UV light).
    4. Now apply a second thin layer of color gel and cure it.
    5. Then seal the color gel with an LCN sealer of your choice.
    6. Finally, remove the dispersion film with LCN Super Shine Finish Cleaner.

    Advantages of LCN Color Gel:

    • optimal flow and perfect opacity
    • lasts up to 6 weeks
    • over 200 brilliant colors
    • developed by renowned scientists and professional users
    • safe and biocompatible
    • 100% vegan and cruelty free